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The smart way to quit smoke.

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Why Tobacco?

Artificial Intelligence Help

Artificial intelligence will help to quit smoking in no time. Let new technologies help you get rid of vicious habits.

Personalized Calendar

Use a personalized calendar based exclusively on the data provided by you. Quit smoking without suffering and headache.

Step by Step

Use the most convenient and comfortable way for your body to quit smoking. In the majority of cases, people fall through because they want to quit smoking here and now.


Follow the statistics smoked cigarettes, saved money, and many other metrics.

Your Statistics

Complete Statistics

The detailed statistics will show you all the benefits you get during the process of approaching your final goal of getting rid of nicotine addiction.

Cigarette Tracker

Cigarette Tracker

Keep track of the number of cigarettes you have smoked by adding each cigarette to the Tobacco APP


Personalized Calendar

You get access to a personal calendar compiled by artificial intelligence by using the data provided by you and thousands of people who quit smoking together with the Tobacco App.

Frequent Questions

Our Tobacco App uses artificial intelligence to create the most efficient calendar that will help you to quit smoking in no time.

We are convinced that the most efficient and easiest to quit smoking is to quit gradually. Day after day, Tobacco App will calculate the number of cigarettes to smoke on a particular day. By using this method, you will gradually quit smoking without stress and rueful feelings.

By using the information provided by the people who managed to quit smoking with the help of the Tobacco App, our artificial intelligence can create the most efficient smoking quitting calendar for you. Don't forget that by using Tobacco App you also help other people to quit smoking!

The team that develops Tobacco App does not aim to make money on this application. Therefore, we decided to set the lowest price available on the App Store and Google Play. We have to confess that we have been trying to get rid of this bad habit for a long time, so we clearly understand every person who is trying to quit smoking.